Lights Please

So Psyched I got into grad school at the University of Central Lancashire. I’ll be starting in September 2010 and doing an 18 month program to get my MA in Graphic Design. So this blogger will be moving across the pond  in a few moths. Lets hope those brits dont turn me into a stone cold drunk. I guess the most exciting part of my journey is that I’ll be returning to England with my boyfriend of 2+ years, who I met abroad, we are returning to the same University where we met and while he finishes his last year of undergrad i’ll be getting the big MA. I know its just the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard right? Rob and I have been living in CT for the past two years, but its time for the man to finish his education! And lets be honest here, theres not much of a job market for a young slightly experienced graphic designer with a BA in sculpture. To britain I go! Just you wait I’ll have my name in lights one day… but for now I’ll have to suffice with seeing my name on the internet.

Give it up for J. Cole

~ by rachelhurvitz on February 18, 2010.

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