About Me

My Uncle Shep always told me, “if you find something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Uncle Shep was an engineer and one of the happiest people I’ve ever met; my hope is to to follow in his path and pursue a career and life that makes me truly happy. I feel like being an artist is not just a career I’ve chosen, but its my life. If had to stop creating, I could never be truly happy.

As an artist I’ve always worked to emulate and reflect my surrounding environment and culture. I’ve never felt the need to hold myself to one medium in the same way I’ve never solely identified myself as an artist. In todays society we all must have different attributes and pieces to our personalities in order to survive. My use of different mediums is merely a presentation of the channels from which I express different elements of my life and my world.

Whether I am working in the digital realm, sculpting or drawing I consistently use bold expressive marks to convey an impressionist experience. Through my work I try to observe the world around me and present it as others may not have seen it before. I make connections to the world, peoples frustrations and joys; I try to lock into small moments and present them as an aesthetic experience.

My series of metal sculptures reflects a post-modern industrial life using found objects to illustrate waste as art. These abstract forms of industry suggest concepts and objects found in a city while also displaying commodities used to create our modern social structures. During this work I explored the characteristics and personality of different found objects through the manipulation of metal forms. My work aims to communicate an organic humanist feeling while also presenting these strong metal forms and their relationship to an urban industrial world.

Since receiving my undergraduate degree in 2008 I have pursued freelance design work. This work has developed in me a new found passion for design. In 2009 I landed a freelance design job with the Hartford Advocate, a free alternative newspaper owned by New Mass Media. This job included designing print ads, cover art, production and page layout. Working at the Hartford Advocate was the  first job in which I felt that I was fulling my personal and professional goals in the art field.

I’ve done everything I can to learn and absorb as much about design as possible. I am currently  finishing up an internship with a design and marketing  firm, Bidwell ID, where I work on product production and application as well as some web building. Working at Bidwell ID has helped me explore visual problem solving. I truly enjoy projects where I can utilize my creative thinking and visual communication skills. Pushing to think outside the box is something I have become very familiar with throughout my artistic journey.

I have been most influenced by George Ricky, David Smith, Patrick Nagel, Hannah Stouffer, James Buxton, John Bidwell and Todd Verlander.

Also check out http://racheluclan.wordpress.com/ and http://twitter.com/#!/RHurv


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  1. Hello rachel. ! what is your email in england? I hope you are enjoying school and the walk. I cannot source emails right now. I am at my gmail account below.
    xx Carla 1?

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